Cool Bandanas is a personal cooling product that will pull the heat out of your system, cool your body off,
and make your body and mind work more efficiently....and help keep you cool all day.

  • Great for heat related health problems like M.S., heart problems, and hot flashes
  • Helps reduce Heat Stress in the workplace, in sports, cycling, hiking, etc.
  • outdoor sun protection for occupations that involve stress, including Swat teams, Firefighters, Search and Rescue.
  • Hot workplaces like warehouses, factories, construction, landscaping.
  • Get an edge over the competition in sports
  • Made in TEXAS, 'cause we know what heat is.

Pricing: mix any combination
Discounts are figured on the total amount at the end of the Checkout.

1 - 99 pieces $2.95 each
100+ pieces $1.95 each
  • ADD VELCRO: $1.00 - Velcro closures can be added to the upper part of the tails, where you would normally tie the knot.  They are sewn into the inside of each tail so that your Cool Bandana can be easily taken off. 

  • SCREEN PRINT your logo on Cool Bandanas: (See Custom Printing)
  • Military Discount: 10% OFF
    Email us at to receive a special discount for our men and women that are serving in the Armed Forces.  

Solid Colors

Bandana Prints

Animal Prints

Camo Prints 


Novelty Prints

5-Pack Deal
 variety of 5 different colors

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Cool Bandanas

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