Battery Powered Heating Vests

Techniche Battery Powered Heating Vests are powered by an infrared heating system.  The heating assembly includes a Lithium Ion Battery and Controller. with 3 separate heating elements (two in front and one in back), and a charger for the battery.

Detailed usage, care and maintenance instructions come with each vest

Extra batteries can be purchased for extended usage

The Controller has 5 temperature settings:

Setting Temperature Duration at Full charge
Level1 86 F / 30 C 12 hours
Level 2 104 F / 40 C 10 hours
Level 3 122 F / 50 C 8 hours
Level 4 140 F / 60 C 6 hours
Level 5 158 F / 70 C 4 hours

#5627 -
IonGear Battery Powered Heating Vests


IonGear Battery Powered Heating Jacket


Extra Battery for IonGear Heated Garments

Extra Battery for extended usage of the 5627, 5627M and 5690

Qty:   @ $84.99

IonGear 12V Converter Kit

12V Battery Converter Kit

Allows the user of any of our IonGear Vests or Jackets (5627, 5627M, 5690) to connect their heating elements directly to their Motorcycle Battery.

Qty:      @ $39.99

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