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Cool Bandanas is a Horizon Industries
PO Box 822, Waxahachie, TX 75168



Heat Therapy and Aromatherapy all in one

Imagine that warm, comforting feeling of cuddling up to an old teddy bear, worn over the years by hugs.  That's how it feels to hug a warm, soothing Koala.

Koalas are made with 100% cotton Terrycloth and nylon webbing for straps.  They are stuffed with white rice for heat, and Lavender and Camomille for that wonderful soothing experience.
Size: 6" x 16"

To use, place in a microwave for 45 to 60 seconds.  Lay your warm Koala on sore muscles, strained ligaments, aching joints, or wherever you need some comfort.  For one of the best stress relievers you ever have, lay your head back and place a warm Koala over your eyes, and breathe the aromas in deeply.  In just a few minutes, you will look at the whole world differently.

Koala's Aromatherapy Heat Packs
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Koala's Aromatherapy Heat Packs

Comes in 4 colors: Hunter Green, Red, Lt. Blue, and Navy

Quantity: @ $14.95

Cool Bandanas
Relief from the Heat! 

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If you have an emergency order or need to speak to us, contact us at: cgarris54@gmail.com