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Neck Wrap Heating Pad w/Aromatherapy

French Vanilla


Maui Blue


Royal Blue

These microwaveable neck wraps provide therapeutic warmth or cold to the neck and shoulders where you need it most, and helps relieve neck pain, headaches and upper back pain.

Filled with rice, chamomile, and lavender for the added soothing effects of aromatherapy.  You will be amazed at how much heat and aromatherapy will combine to melt your tensions, stress, and muscle soreness away in no time at all.

These therapeutic packs retain heat and cold very well and conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders.

When used as heat therapy, the chamomile and lavender permeate your senses to sooth and relieve your whole body.

  • Provides up to 15 minutes of therapy.

  • Sewn in several different compartments so the rice stays put and doesn't bunch up at the ends.

  • Comes in Sunflower, Carnival, Rainforest, and Am Flag,
         (same colors as shown above)

  • Moleskin for $1.00 more.  Moleskin is a soft, suede-like fabric that enhances the comfort and soothing feeling

    List Price = $24.95
    Your Price = $17.95


  @ $17.95


French Vanilla
Maui Blue
Royal Blue


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