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Cool Bandanas is a div. of Horizon Industries
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Circulatory Cooling System


When extreme cooling is needed in an intense situation or a serious emergency, we have an extreme solution. 

Cold water is pumped from a 9 liter cooler throughout the vest via tubing that is sewn into the front and back of the vest.  The temperature can be controlled by it's flow and by the temperature of the water that you maintain in the cooler. 

There is nothing more effective in the market than this product to produce this kind of emergency result.  If you or your workers have to face potentially dangerous conditions of extreme heat, this is an essential product to ensure the safety of you and those who work for you.

  • Each system includes a form fitting vest with internal tubing, insulated connection hoses, cooler, submersible pump and adjustable flow valve
  • System continuously pumps cool water throughout the vest.
  • Cooler capacity is 300 oz (9 L) and includes an internal pump and adjustable flow valve. Cooling temperature is controlled with adjustable flow valve.
  • Vest is made form polyester with polyurethane tubing
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Cool Bandanas


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