GULPZ™ Personal Hydration Systems

Style# 6801

Carry your water with you, and keep it cool at the same time!

This water-carrier fits snugly on your back so your hands can be free. 

The pack holds 2 liters of fluid and has a convenient drinking tube to sip from whenever you need it. 

The pack is made from HyperKewl™ Evaporative Cooling Fabric which, when soaked in water, will keep your liquids cool throughout the day.

  • Hands free convenience, stay hydrated at work or at play.
  • Carrier includes two large pockets for carrying personal items.
  • Simply soak the carrier in water for 1-2 minutes and keep the fluid in the carrier cool for up to 8 hours, through evaporation.
  • Includes a 70 fl. Oz water bladder, drinking tube, and bite valve
Quantity : @ $29.99

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Please note:
During the summer seasons there is a high demand for Technique Cooling products;
Orders will be shipped within 3-4 days of the order being placed. There will be a $25 rush fee added to your order.
Please Email, if you would like expedited shipping.

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