Phase Change Cooling System Vests

Maintains 58 for 2-3 Hours no matter what!

Phase Change Cooling Vests go way beyond evaporative cooling vests because they will maintain a cooling temperature no matter how hot or how humid your environment is.  Superb in searing heat, perfect for hazmat suits, high humidity and dangerously hot environments.  This state of the art "Phase Change" cooling vests can be worn directly against body or under protective clothing.

The difference is that you are not dependant upon the "wetness" of the garment, but by the "coldness" of the Phase Change inserts. It's like wearing a cold pack on your body.  The vests create a microclimate that keeps cooling against body in and keeps extreme environmental heat out.

Think of it as the difference between an Air Conditioner and a Swamp Cooler.

This advanced technology uses specially designed inserts containing Phase Change Material (PCM) which releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees F, 14 degrees C), cooling relief designed to fit inside our garments. There are no pumps, mechanical devices or tethers for potential breakdowns during critical operations.



Phase Change Cooling Vests
  • V-neck w/ zipper closure
  • Velcro girth and shoulder adjustments
  • Maintains 58 F. for up to 3 hours
  • 100% Cotton w/thermal liner
  • 1 set of Cool Pax inserts included
  • Colors: Black, Khaki, USA Flag
  • Hi-Viz Lime (add $30)
  • $189.99  

Phase Change Cooling Vests
w/ built-in Hydration System
  • Cooling Vest includes a hydration pocket with drink tube and bite valve
  • V-neck w/zipper and Velcro girth adjustments
  • Maintains 58 F. for up to 3 hours
  • 70 fl. oz. (2 liter) hydration reservoir
  • 100% cotton w/thermal liner
  • $230.00

Fire Resistant Cooling Vest
w/Water based Cooling Inserts
  • Ideal for hot and flammable job sites
  • Water based cooling inserts
  • Maintains temperature of 32 F. (0 C.) for up to one hour
  • Made with INDURA fire-resistant cotton
  • Includes 1 set of Water Based Cooling Inserts
  • $159.99

Key Benefits

  • Commonly used under military combat gear, hazardous materials suits, mascot costumes, and other apparel.
  • Provide cooling comfort and heat stress protection in high temperature environments.
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees F, 14 degrees C), cooling relief and will maintain that temperture for up to 3 hours.
  • PCM is non-toxic, non-flammable, durable, reusable, lighter than water, and does not produce condensation.
  • It never fully freezes.
  • Energizes in Minutes / Lasts for Hours

Easy to Use

  1. Submerge PCM inserts in ice water for up to 45 minutes, or place in a freezer, until solid.
  2. Return inserts to garment pockets.
  3. Put on the vest and you are ready to go.
  4. As heat is absorbed from body, the white semi-solid will "Phase Change" back to a clear liquid.. 
  5. Repeat steps as needed (or use additional inserts for continuous relief).

Typical applications:

 Industrial safety, construction, emergency services, military, outdoor recreation, equine, mascots, and therapeutic.



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