HyperKewl and TechKewl Cooling Vests

Please note:
During the summer seasons there is a high demand for Technique Cooling products;
Orders will be shipped within 3-4 days of the order being placed. There will be a $25 rush fee added to your order.
Please Email cgarris54@gmail.com, if you would like expedited shipping.

See a Video that shows all the features of the Hyperkewl vests: 

Standard Cooling Sport Vests

  • Easy to use standard Evaporative Cooling vest
  • Cools by moisture
  • Just soak in water for 2 or 3 minutes and wear to cool you off all day long.
  • Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking
  • Lightweight and durable, with or without sleeves
  • Seven colors to choose from
  • $53.99


Ultra Sport Cooling Vests

  • Pull-over w/mesh ventilation panels and scoop neck
  • Ideal for runners and cyclists
  • Four color combinations XS to 3XL
  • $51.99


Phase Change Cooling Vests
#6626 - Phase Change Cooling Vests
w/ built-in Hydration System
#6826 -
w/Water based Cooling Inserts

Vests made with a serious cooling system to maintain a constant temperature no matter how hot the environment is.

Designed for industrial applications.  Uses Cold packs instead of moisture.

Three styles:

  • Regular Phase Change Cooling Vests - maintains a constant 58 F.
  • Phase Change Vests w/built-in hydration bottle
  • Fire Resistant Cooling Vests - maintains a constant 32 F.
  • $159.99 to $230.00


High Visibility and Traffic Safety Cooling Vests
#6529-HV, #6531, #6538, #6530, #6626-HV, #6525, #6535

  • ANSI Compliant fabrics
  • Hi Viz Lime Green for safety
  • 5 different vests, from lightweight to heavy duty
  • also neck shades, Crown Coolers, and Gulpz water packs in Hi-Viz Lime


Extra inserts, liners, water bladders for Phase Change vests and Gulpz

  • #6665 - Extra Phase Change Cooling Insert Sets,

  • #6660 - Replacement Hydration System,

  • #6865 - Extra Water Based Cooling Inserts,

  • #6663 - Inserts for Phase Change Brow Pads

  • #6664 - Inserts for Phase Change Crown Coolers



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