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Cool Bandanas

Cool Bandanas contains a cooling polymer that cools your whole body.


As low as $1.95 each!

New reduced price - 1 to 99 pieces for $2.95

The Sammy®
'N Dry®!

Made of a high tech PVA polymer material which is highly absorbent.

Soak it and let it cool you down and keep you cool.

Cloth Face Masks

Cool Raggs

Biker Skullcaps with cooling polymer in the headband. Great for Bikers!


Skullcaps made with CoolMax to wick away perspiration and keep you cool. 

Cooling Caps
Lightweight baseball caps designed to keep you cool by wicking away perspiration.

Cooling Vests

Our Cooling Vests cool down your whole body. 


Cooling relief for your head or wrists 

Cool Headbands   Cool Wristbands

Headsweats Performance Supervisors

A Headsweats Supervisor can be the perfect headwear for those who want to keep the sun and sweat out of their eyes.



Heated Garments

Chemical and battery heatpax inserted in garments to keep you warm no matter where you are.


Cool Bandanas

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