The Sammy® Cool 'N Dry® Sport Towel





  Wash well before using for the first time! Rinse thoroughly by hand with warm water, or machine wash, gentle cycle, cold water, with liquid detergent and/or ammonia. Avoid chlorine bleach. Do not dry.

Ø  If hard or stuck together, do not peel apart! Soak for about 10 minutes in warm water or wash with normal laundry as described above. It will come out perfect!

Ø  Use the product wet. The smooth side is for absorbing or drying. The textured side is for cooling. Add water to increase the cooling effect. Wring out excess water as needed.

Ø  PVA sport towels become hard like a piece of cardboard when dry. Simply rewet and they come to life! The product must be used wet.


Ø  Machine wash with liquid detergent and/or ammonia – avoid bleach.

Ø  Do not dry in dryer (product is used wet – drying doesn’t hurt but is meaningless).

Ø  PVA sport towels are not affected by mold, mildew, or odor. If product has mold or mildew (brown, black, or green spots), wash in liquid detergent and ammonia. If mold or mildew is still evident, soak in 5:1 solution (5 parts water for 1 part liquid bleach) for about 5 minutes. NOTE: product color may fade due to bleach. Test for fastness! Launder immediately. IMPORTANT: Do not mix bleach and ammonia as a toxic gas may occur.

Ø  This material may be cut into smaller sizes with sharp scissors or Fiskars roller knife (purchase in fabric or scrapbooking stores).

Ø  Store clean product (wet) in a clean zip bag or original plastic container. Clean storage container before storing clean towel.

Ø  Product works even better after washing several times.

Ø  For extended periods of time, store in dry form to avoid mold or mildew.


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